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Satellite provides the best means to deliver digital TV to your home. Supplying more channels and in better quality than any other broadcast method - wherever you are.


Learn more about the many service available via satellite:

Digital TV

Satellite was first, in Europe, to deliver digital television to the home, and remains the principal provider as digital becomes the norm.

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ASTRA was first to bring high definition television (HDTV) to Europe, giving you a more detailed, lifelike, and enjoyable TV experience.

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The next leap forward for TV, bringing unparalleled realism and involvement to your viewing.

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Digital Radio

As well as TV, our satellites provide hundreds of digital radio stations, unaffected by weather or national boundaries, to millions of listeners across Europe.

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Internet Broadband

High-speed internet wherever you live via satellite.

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Voice Over IP

When terrestrial networks are not available, satellite comes to the rescue. Available in conjunction with our broadband offer.

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Who can get satellite TV and Radio?

Most homes are within reach of TV signals by satellite. Our advanced high-power satellites mean that channels are exceptionally easy to receive, with equipment that is cheap to buy, simple to install and use – wherever you are.

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