Broadband via satellite

High-speed internet - wherever you live

Do you live in an area where there is no access to terrestrial broadband?

Take advantage of a high-speed internet connection on your home or office computer via the ASTRA satellite system. SES Broadband, formerly known as ASTRA2Connect, is now available in the UK and Ireland. This system is reliable, affordable and available wherever you live.

As well as an always-on internet connection, SES Broadband can include:


  • Telephony services using VoIP
  • Satellite television and radio


10Mbit/s downloads

SES Broadband means two-way satellite internet access. Because data is transmitted and received via satellite, there is no need for a telephone or any type of landline connection. Packages with up to 10 Mbit/s download speeds and 256kbit/s upload speeds are available.

Easy to install

We recommend you contact a professional installer, although the home equipment is quite easy to install so you can even do it yourself by following the instructions provided in the installation video (right).


For more information or to get SES Broadband today visit the website: