Integrated Reception System

Everything for everyone

To provide residents with the digital services available today, existing communal TV reception systems must at least be upgraded, and often replaced entirely if the system is to meet the modern expectations of residents and provide for future developments.

An Integrated Reception System (IRS) is the only practical way to meet residents’ demands today and into the future, to provide a comprehensive range of services, received by a variety of means – offering ‘everything for everyone’.

An IRS distributes the signals from communal antennas (usually hidden from view on the roof of a block or on one central building) to each home in the system, providing every home with access to digital satellite TV and radio, digital terrestrial TV, FM radio, and DAB radio, as well as analogue terrestrial TV to provide continuity up to the Digital Switchover.

Such a system can also be cost-effectively extended to provide specialist local services to homes, such as CCTV coverage, in addition to the broadcast services.

The key to an IRS is that each outlet ‘sees’ all of the services as though connected to it’s own individual set of aerials and antennas. So, residents can use the same types of domestic equipment already in use throughout the country. The choice of which equipment to buy or rent, and which services to use, remains with each household, according to their individual requirements and financial circumstances.

A reputable installation company will fit the equipment and antennas according to the Confederation of Aerial Industries code of practice.

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